Thursday, April 21, 2011


I knew a woman once… Her beauty, immeasurable. Her glamor, wit and charm, unsurpassable. Her love for me… unimaginable.  Utopian femininity at its finest. We locked lips. As we exchanged her eyes wide shut so she could be engulfed by the intimacy that was us… I watched. We became familiar. Her clutches were a vice grip of fervor that should have moved mountains and shattered the very fabric of time itself.  Her earth stood still…Mine continued on. She opened her very heart to my existence. Emotionally driven was the passion she created that night. She lay at my side and I could feel her body…the warmth it emitted. Her soul was at peace with me. She touched my brow was quickly taken aback. She ran her hands across my body as I stared into the ceiling of space. She asked me was I ill…I replied no. She told me…my body was as cold as a block of ice… She... was that of the most strongest emotion. Me...was conversely of mimed motions.

I knew a man once…A vile creature unworthy of any form of the word. As twisted as his tongue was his spirit. The blackness of night only darkened more by his heart. This man had a quarrel with for reason known only to him. He fantasized about my demise…being saboteur to my fates. One instance this man in a fury of worlds, met me head on. The ferocity in his eyes would not be denied. Only blood would suffice.  He pierced me with a blade…deep into my side it went.  His glee was suppose to be akin to euphoria.  Face to face we stood…my eyes to his. When the authorities came to restrain him they asked who he was… I turned to them blanky no gesture no describleable syllable came from me. The man went free… although forever tormented from when our eyes met… A shell of his former self he became.

I had a friend once…. As if he were born from the same womb…. He was my brother. My beloved sibling, trusted comrade, loyal confident and fellow in arms. My friend died. I went to pay my respects. It was a mournful sight…people wept oceans their pain could parted seas. Their sorrow…given heart to Hades himself. As I walked to his eternal coffin I saw him….nothing else. Closer he became until finally…we were together again. I peered down at him. His tranquility was majestic. I reached in and caressed his face. Water fell to my cheek. I looked up and saw rain descend. Even the creator himself was moved on this day. I looked at him once more and walked away as I had arrived… apathetically solemn.

Love… Anger… and Pain… of all the things I remember about humanity…the emotions that have wilted away to ash…I think I miss the sentiment  of crying…the most…then not at all….

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Ramblings Vol 1. To Compare and Contrast....

Soooo I'm going to take a departure from my normal writings on this blog for a while and speak in the first person narrative for a couple entries. So I'm up late ( or early as I usually am) and for shits and giggles (translation= bored), I decided to browse craigslist and a couple dating sites for the sure fuck of it all....

You underlying thought during my ocular excavation is "Hmm.....these people sure do have life SOOOOO thoroughly fucked up". This is what I mean by that... Remember when we use to spend our days finger painting, playing duck duck goose and, sipping Motts apple from the small juice boxes? A.K.A Kindergarten? Remember that? Right during that illustrious time in our lives, we learned a VITAL....VITAL lesson..No not lesson we learned a SKILL that... I fear some people have abandoned in these modern times.. The skill to *drum roll* Compare and Contrast...knowing that while something maybe SIMILAR to something else.... we KNEW to never... in the history of NEVER, to EVER say it was the SAME thing... Like sure a Square, a Rectangle, and a Trapezoid ( go it) are similar SUUUURE shit, they're in the same family but you don't hear the Square going around telling people its a Rectangle do you? Nah...

What the fuck is he talking about? This.....LADIES....*deep sigh* C'mon.... Coooooooooomon..... Level with me.... Keep it funky. If you're fat.... F-A-T.. fat...then fuck it! You're fat man. It's cool. No really it is...Do not.... I repeat.. DO NOT... say that you're "Thick"....."Curvy" ....."Voluptuous".. or whatever cockamamy adjective you've concocted in you mind to let US the reader know that you are one thing when aren't.

Now before I get a customary call, text, or smoke signal, or stark raving stampede from Hamburglar Bitches United, condemning me on my comments about "Big women" please refrain. I am not here to bash fat women... Not at ALL... I went to college so OF COURSE I've operated heavy machinery before...GRANTED  I MAY HAVE been heavily inebriated ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it) but that's either here nor there....Actually it's kinda like a right of passage....of sorts. Anyway So no I am not fat women bashing ( sober)....really. ALL I'm saying is....Don't sell me a dream that can end up as a nightmare.... If you REALLY want a guy to dig real with him. Oh yea.... and stop with the "3 years ago pic"...that ain't cute either toots.

You know what's the warped ass shit I saw on late night infomercial TV I've seen? It's this body sleeve thing that morphs your excess " more pushin for the cushion"-ness into a nice shapely form under your clothes...You know what I'm talking about.... As ingenious as it can also get you utterly FUCKED UP. Really though? Soooooooooooooooooooo the day that we decided to have some good ole slap nasty American ass sex.... What the hell are you going to do? You can't body morph your way out of that one can you? You know what I'm going to invent? I'm going to invent this thing where, under my clothes it makes my penis look 5 inches bigger AND girthier then what it really is....Then when we have sex SURPRISE!!! I'm going to whip out my ole small ass play school shrimp dick.......  Would you like that? Oooh No?  * BBM sad face* followed by *Another deep sigh*

 Yes.... I have been bamboozled before on this NYC dating scene.... Let me tell you....not a cool thing. What it boils down to is this, if you aren't comfortable with yourself WITHOUT using DECEPTIVE or MISLEADING tactics....When do you honestly think other people will be comfortable with you? Of all the lies told on this earth... The saddest the lie you tell yourself....Keep it funky people....

This is only the beginning... I am an equal opportunity opinion giver....with a bastardized twisted. Using my inalienable right to freedom of speech.

Next time: Phonics.... That's FF-ON-EX  and how I WISH they still taught that shit in school....

Monday, March 21, 2011


So it is written, I feel this SO, it is a vengeful flow. Broken hands on my heart makes me a timeless soul, sho nuff, chucked back most appreciative of this golden glow naturally with this beyond man I go
So? Am I rhyming or Am I spitting an aura of male bravado…Am I lion or am I kitten This defacto male aficionado. Am I lying or am I kidding? The hearts no strong enough is he dying or is he quitting? The beats aren’t long enough
I AM death defined, I’ve death-defied, I’m DEF soooooo fine You blind? So find my words I spit venom so sick GET EM! HEEES LIT!! No lace? He’s a. trip. Acid? Don’t trip.  Many pens he’s split like tag who’s it? poet, the shIT so please come sIT. My shine sublime this rhyme? In not time, mai tai I sipped, reeelaaaaaaax……BUUUUULLSHIT!

Bobby seales on this beat but you can’t hear me none, blast on your mind until your ears are done, rapture your heart so you cannot run, military precision until your ears become my drums.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

For Poppa

I remember the day when I took my first inhalation of this life… The phantom of your silhouette was the first thing my eyes never saw

I remember the first time I rode a bike, that same phantom was with me nurturing and protective, guiding me down cobblestone pavements and broke dream sidewalks

I remember my first adolescent fight… the first image to greet me when I came home victorious was your specter. Your silence was deafening but I understood clearly.

I remember my first heartache… Your words of wisdom and encouragement rang loudly like a sweet symphonic melody… just as Ludwig’s melody rang in his when we wrote his ninth.

Of all the things I remember about you the one that permeates my mind the most is the Idea of you... and how true I wish it was…

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sickness

Brought together as one; even stronger than kismet; It keeps me up all through the night I call it my sickness. No cough syrup or man made medicine at this point can cure me; when I am laid down to rest as ash my sickness will still endure me. Cold sweats hot flashes are my normal temperature; I dare a moral man to be consumed and begin to venture ; into MY sickness each time I spit I cough up and see; I've painted a new adventure or rather a " before its time” genealogical oddity. Disgusting what I have; discussing each time the pad, meets the pen the masses confer I am truly sick within. My body shiver and shakes at the sick things I contemplate and when I put my thoughts articulately together my brain power annihilates; any confusion or absurd reason the weak minded disillusion, I am sick and I need help, I've been diagnosed  a subliminal brain contusion. Perceptions of inceptions is how my sickness first flows, neglections of infections is how my sickness incessantly grows. We are symbiont we need each other we are one in the same, at an early age I felt the difference when my sickness first came. Some may stop and wonder what in the HELL makes me think I am so sick? Both the Devil and The Grim Reaper visited the world of the living just to tell me I kill it. So sick with my talent so naturally I’m the illest, card counting these other writers so when they comes to play I deals it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I once saw a Japanese

A slanted beauty only a keen eye may observe its splendor. A darkness so radiantly ravishing, many succumb to her hypnotic gaze...everlasting...evermore... ever stunning. Not unscathed, coarse to the exterior touch...inferiors fall...mysterious much. Its interior guarded but ready and willing... so chilling may fear unconquerable. A Tsunami so powerful hidden deep within is the mysticism of a Mayan grace. To follow the sonnet of stars across this place is but a mere dream...longing to combust of hope and expire a triumph. I have saw... I  have seen.. I still watch...